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2021 Frame.png

We fabricate our own aluminum frames with 6061 grade aluminum. Our frames are made with square tubing and 1/4" plate work parts that are cut on a CNC plasma for accuracy.

We clean each frame and inspect it before giving the tongue and A-frame supports a polish.

We install a pair of scissor jacks in the rear that are each rated for 2 1/2 ton capacity. We also install a tongue jack with a dolly that is rated for 1500 lb capacity.


A sheet of aluminum is added and sealed to protect the trailer from water, rodents and debris. 


The insulated sub floor and floor is installed.

C7 (2).jpg

Wall panels and head cabinet are installed and secured to the frame.

Cabinets, flooring and wall insulation installed.


Headliner and electrical installation.

Roof insulation is installed and aluminum tape is applied over all seams for an air tight fit. A waterproof foil layer is added for  extra waterproof protection.


The .050 anodized aluminum skin is installed with the protective film to protect the finish.


Doors are added and all exterior electrical is installed and tested.

Trim, roof rack and door frames are sealed with buytl tape and secured to the frame. The axle , wheels and fenders are installed and inspected for correct torque specifications.


Each trailer is inspected and cleaned and the mattress and window coverings are installed. The trailer is now ready for the customer to go enjoy camping!!!

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